ETHICAL EATING that tastes (truly!) GOOD.

Our mission is to help you eat healthier and feel amazing through our great-tasting plant-based menu. Inspired by the true flavors through generations of Latin-American, Middle Eastern, Asian and American cooking, we offer 100 % plant-based food choices that everyone can enjoy without sacrificing great taste.

Everything is vegan, everything is true!


SMÖRGÅSTÅRTA  - three different versions

10-12 portions 890 kr. Gluten free 990 kr.

12-15 portions 990 kr. Gluten free 1099 kr.


layer 1: kalamata tapenade with walnuts

layer 2: red paprika, tomato spread with bulgur & walnuts

layer 3: baba ganoush with tahini, lemon and fresh parsley

toppings: fresh parsley, roasted aubergines, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, pickles, pomegranate & black sesame seeds


layer 1: tappenade with walnuts and kalamata oliver

layer 2: baba ganoush with tahini, lemon and fresh parsley

layer 3: sundried tomatoes spread with red paprika

toppings: fresh parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted pine nuts, pesto,pickles, olives, fresh basil


layer 1: avocado spread

layer 2: creme fraiche, red onions, fresh dill, vegan caviar

layer 3: baba ganoush with tahini, lemon and fresh parsley

toppings: fresh dill, cucumbers, vegan caviar, lemon, pickles, morot lax, radishes, black sesame seeds


vegan skagen spread on sourdough toast

mini pirogues with spinach, paprika, onion & tofu

kalamata tapenade topped with roasted walnuts on sourdough toast

mini dolmades

baba ganoush, zataar & pomegranate on crostini toast

avocado spread, oven-dried red onions & black sesame seeds on crostini toast

mini aubergines with pesto, tomatoes & vegan mozzarella

creamy cashew cheese, fresh figs och roasted pistachios on crostini toast

sundried tomatoes & fresh chili spread on sourdough toast topped with fresh thyme & roasted pumpkin seeds

rice paper roll with red cabbage, avocado, mango & tahini, topped with black sesame seeds


mushrooms, beetroots & avocado topped with fresh dates, tamari & mixed roasted seeds

simple green salad dressed in lemon & olive oil

red cabbage, crispy apple, dried apricots, scallions & radishes topped with lemon hemp oil & fresh herbs

semi-warm bean salad with sweet corn, red onions, avocado, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil & fresh mint topped with roasted pumpkin seeds


gratinated zucchini halves with pesto, spinach, & tofu topped with creamy cashew cheese sauce & fresh thyme

roasted paprikas with green lentils & rice, served on kale

sweet potato & zucchini lasagna with mushrooms, tomato sauce & creamy cashew cheese sauce topped with tomatoes & fresh basi


veggie pie of the season

Kebsa (spicy syrian rice) with roasted portabello mushrooms, topped with sultan raisins & fried almonds


lemon cashew pannacotta topped with passion fruit & agave

suspiro limeno

vegan dulce de leche caramel base, lemon meringue, topped with cinnamon

raw blueberry cheesecake topped with vanilla frosting, coconut flakes & rose petals

raw chocolate & coffee cake

Raw banana cheesecake


Raw matcha citron cheesecake

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